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Adult attention Deficit

Attention Deficit Disorder can be a serious quality-of-life problem.  The good news is that it can be treated, but the use of medications must be balanced with risks, and every treatment plan requires individualized and ongoing medical guidance.

Ketamine to Treat Depression

Ketamine has been shown in multiple studies over the last decade to rapidly relieve symptoms of treatment-resistant depression, usually within hours.

Anti-Depressants and Weight Gain

While medication to help with mood, bi-polar, and anxiety disorders can be very effective, it can also lead to weight gain if not properly monitored by a qualified medical professional.

HCG Diet Warning

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) treatment is useless for weight loss.  Furthermore, HCG products marketed for weight loss have been banned by the FDA due to being unsafe and fraudulent.

Vitamin B-12 Caution

There are no FDA-approved shots for weight loss, including B-12.  In fact, the use of B-12 as a weight loss supplement is no more effective than a placebo.

How to Choose a Weight-Loss Clinic

If your goal is to have your weight problem viewed as a serious metabolic problem and not a sales opportunity, there are some important facts you should know.