Ketamine Treatment in Tampa, FL

What is Ketamine?

Ketamine is a controlled substance, used for decades in Anesthesia and recently in Psychiatry, to provide rapid improvement for symptoms of depression, OCD, PTSD, and anxiety, without the delayed onset or side-effects of traditional antidepressants.

What is the cost?

Ketamine is not covered by insurance, so consider the most cost efficient method first for a trial. Oral mints are compounded at a pharmacy for less than $5 a dose — much more cost effective than other routes. We no longer use IV infusions or Intramuscular shots because they are too expensive and no more effective in our experience than user-friendly “mints” of ketamine, compounded in wax and held between cheek and gum or under the tongue for 15 minutes. Brand name nose drops use the same effective trans-mucosal absorption and cost over $6,000 a month. Our effective generic method is available to approved patients after an initial office evaluation and can be taken at home. We usually start with 14 doses, expect a response by day 3 or 4, and schedule a return visit in 10-14 days to adjust dose and duration. Many patients use the “mints” for two weeks daily, then start skipping days, then only use every few weeks or months on bad days.

Used this way, Ketamine is not expensive or time consuming. Our satisfaction rate has been terrific and only medically complicated cases have been referred to IV infusion centers. Patients just get better quickly using the oral generic at home. Schedule an office visit with Dr. Dudney in Tampa and you may feel better quickly without spending thousands. Generic ketamine can be just effective as other routes and the convenience makes access dramatically simpler.

How does ketamine work?

Imagine that brain circuits are like busy highway intersections, with looping exits and entrances carrying information traffic at rush hour. With stress, the traffic increases and the wear-and-tear repair crews that fill potholes can’t keep up. Traffic piles up and slows down, in the brain this can produce mood slow down, and worsen OCD and PTSD symptoms. Ketamine waves traffic around the bottle necks, jump starts the natural repair processes and within days, sometimes within hours, the brain impulse traffic breaks through and starts flowing again.

How do I get started?

Schedule a new patient office evaluation here. 


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