Dr. William Cross Dudney, M.D.

Dr. DudneyDr. Dudney has practiced medicine and psychiatry on the West Coast, East Coast, Deep South, and the Caribbean. The majority of his practice deals with addressing weight gain from antidepressants, eating disorders, and providing cosmetic weight loss with modern medications.

His Tampa clinic is so well respected it was featured on ABC's PRIME TIME LIVE as the safe and proper way to administer diet medications. He has been published in the medical journal The Bariatrician and Central Florida Medical Business. Medical Weight Management was also the focus of Bariatric Center Spotlight in early 2005 and was the 2011 Gold Winner for best weight loss clinic by the South Tampa News and Tribune Readers' Poll. Dr. Dudney has been an invited speaker to the National Football League, the U.S. Congress and makes numerous radio and TV appearances.

U.S. Naval Hospital: Chief of Psychiatry
Director of Alcohol and Drug Rehab, Norfolk Navy Base
In Georgia:
• President of Medical Staff, Charter Psychiatric Hospital
• Medical Director, Rader Institute for Eating Disorders
• Chief of Psychiatry, Columbus Medical Center
In Florida
• Director, Medical Weight Management, P.A.
• Past-President, Florida Society of Batiatric Physicians
M.D.: University of Arkansas, 1974
Resident Psychiatrist: UC San Francisco, 1977
American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology
Additional Qualifications
American Society of Bariatric (weight loss) Physicians
American Society of Addiction Medicine

Lisa DudneyLisa Dudney, a B.S.W. in Psychiatric Social Work from Mercer University, has special interest and experience in treating eating disorders, bulimia, and compulsive exercise. Lisa provides individual nutritional counseling and diet planning to assist clients in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

Lisa DudneySherie Varney has worked with Dr. Dudney since 1990 in this special clinic, knows all our clients and is an invaluable source of information. Her office email address is sherie@drdudney.com.